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Here are some helpful answers to common FAQs

What year levels will be able to enrol?

Where is the College located?

How many students will the College hold?

Do I have to be a practicing Anglican/Christian to attend the College?

Will my child learn about Christianity?

Will the College have support for students with additional learning needs?

Is there an Out-of-School-Hours Care program?

What transport options are available?

What are the days offered for the Pre-K Program?

At what age can my child/children apply for the Pre-K Program?

What are the College bell times?

What are the class sizes at the College?

Will there be composite or stage classes?

Does the College have a Wellbeing Program?

Does the College have a Canteen?

Does the College have a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program?

Will there be a Music Program available for students?

What Sporting Programs will be offered at the College?

What is the enrolment process?

What criteria is taken into account when making offers of places to students?

How much are the school fees?

Will there be an orientation program?

How do I purchase the College uniform?

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