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Leppington Anglican College students are expected to wear their College uniform with pride.

Our Smart Uniform

Look good. Feel Good.

We have worked closely with our supplier On Campus to design and deliver a distinctive and high-quality uniform that positively represents the College both at school and in the wider community.

Wearing the uniform well is important for several reasons. Firstly, it sends a message of equality. When all students wear their College uniform with pride, it reinforces the message that in God’s eyes we are all equal, and that what makes us unique is not our outward appearance, but our heart and character.

Furthermore, it reinforces the notion that for one to express themselves, it is again not about outward appearance, rather it is about their ability to think critically and creatively, to perform, design and serve others. Finally, it is also about developing self-discipline and preparing them for the world beyond school.

Wearing the uniform well, brings dignity to the individual and unity to the College as a whole. For these reasons, we have high expectations on the wearing of the College uniform and are vigilant in upholding the standards within our uniform code.

All uniform items are available from the College Uniform Shop, which is located in the administration office. The shop is open every Wednesday during term from 10.00am to 3:30pm. Orders can be made in person or online.

For online orders, visit www.ocschoolwear.com.au and go to "Shop Online".
Username: Leppington
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